New Privacy Policy Law changes in Australia

New Privacy Policy Law changes in Australia

New Privacy Policy Law changes in Australia

New Privacy Act changes in effect from March 12 2014

New Privacy Laws in effect today

The first major changes to Australia’s Privacy Law come into effect from March 12. Is your business ready for these changes? If not look out as there are some hefty fines if you are found to be in breach.

Does it effect me?

At first glance it appears as thought the changes will just affect businesses who generate a turnover of greater than $3 million. However, there is a second set of criteria for if you trade in personal information which affects nearly every other business.

If you collect names, addresses, date of births or bank details, then you are collecting personal information.

What is trading personal information

Any personal information that is collected and then given to another company to provide a service is considered trading information. For example if you outsource your email marketing, then you are trading personal information with the marketing provider.

How can I comply with the law?

Make sure you have updated your privacy policy. We use LegalVision to create our privacy policy which you can view here. They have a great service for creating your customised privacy policy for $49.95 (NB: Price at the time of writing) and you can access it here: LegalVision – Website Privacy Policy.


For more information you can read this article, or comment below on the impact these privacy changes will have for your business.


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