[Infusionsoft Tip] How to Track your web page with Infusionsoft Analytics

[Infusionsoft Tip] How to Track your web page with Infusionsoft Analytics

[Infusionsoft Tip] How to Track your web page with Infusionsoft Analytics

Did you know Infusionsoft has its own web tracking and analytics tools?


If you did have you installed it on your website and/or landing pages?


If not, this tip is just for you. ┬áIt’s nice and quick too.


  1. Hover over the Infusionsoft Logo so the Main Navigation appears.Hover over the Infusionsoft Logo
  2. Click on Lead Generation from within the Marketing MenuClick on Lead Generation in the Marketing Menu
  3. Click Web Analytics from the Web Tracking SectionClick on Web Analytics from the Web Tracking Section
  4. Click on the Get Tracking Code Button
  5. Then highlight the code that appears and copy and paste it over in your websiteClick Get Tracking Code, and then copy the script and paste it into your webpage code


What next?

Embed the Infusionsoft Tracking Link into a web page

Add the Infusionsoft Tracking code to a Word Press site

View your Web Analytics Report

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