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Carlie Page

The Automation Coach was founded in 2014 by Carlie Page.  Carlie is an entreprenuer, a closet IT nerd and a former pilates instructor.


Having grown up with computers Carlie made the natural progression to study IT at University.  Not satisfied with getting lost in programming code day after day, she learnt about business by working in a variety of industries until landing in a position that allowed her to spend lots of time talking to clients whilst translating the “tech-speak” that filtered up from other departments.  There Carlie spent over 6 years implementing automated workflows in the medical sector, working with businesses of all shapes and sizes, from small clinics to large corporates.After getting involved with several start-ups, Carlie recognised that the best time for a business to automate is when it is moving into growth stage.  “By this time a business will have some processes in place, but they are mostly worried about taking on more clients because they don’t think they have the resources to be able to deliver their services.  That’s where automation comes in.  It streamlines the existing processes, and frees up staff time to focus on bringing in more clients, all the while knowing that the back end of the business is set up to deliver services to the expanding client base.”


Now Carlie spends her time developing strategies that allow businesses to grow with the freedom of knowing that there are systems in place to make sure those clients are happy and taken care of.  Her team puts those strategies into action, allowing business owners to continue to focus on what they do best.
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The number one tool in Carlie’s arsenal is Infusionsoft.  “It is simply the number one tool out there for small to medium businesses who are looking to get their business to the next level.  It covers all aspects of Sales, Marketing and Email Automation, as well as Client Management (CRM), it systemises your workflow and administration and will save you soooo much time.”  Carlie completed the first Australian Infusionsoft Certified Partner training in 2014, a rigorous 4 day intensive course with a 6 hour exam ensures that only the most capable Infusionsoft trainers will get through.

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Carlie Page - The Automation Coach


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